Jill Eschberger

Owner and Stylist

Jill's extensive career as a stylist has allowed her to work with many inspiring clients and peers, as well as master techniques and develop a meticulous attention to detail. She is driven by the work ethic her parents instilled in her at a young age and felt it was time to develop her own signature brand which is pays homage to her strong family ties. Additionally, Jill draws inspiration from the ever changing fashion and the beauty industry and takes her cues from nature itself. She is a fun, trendy, and holistic artist with a passion for teaching others. She truly cares about her clients and their experience. “Knowing I can give them the confidence they are seeking makes my job so wonderful!”


Felipe Mena


Felipe began his career as a stylist in middle school when he started cutting hair for his friends as a hobby. He enjoyed it so much and had such demand for his talents, that in 2005, decided to ‘go pro’. “What I like the most is getting to meet so many new people every day and creating the look they desire and that is completely tailored for them.” Felipe’s years of experience, talent, and passion allows him to consistently provide exceptional service, though he is also continually learning, advancing his own style, and mastering new trends to meet the needs of his clients.


Braegon Behrens


Braegon has been making clients fall in love with their hair again for almost a decade. “There’s no better feeling than when a client gets up from my chair and gives me a hug and tells me how much they love their hair.” Braegon takes great pride in her work and seeks success in making every person she meets in the salon feel great about themselves. She also enjoys staying current on fashion and beauty trends and celebrating her own hip-southern chic style. Whether it’s helping clients find a new look or fall in love again with a look that’s all their own, she’s inspired by those discoveries and experiences that instill confidence and positivity.

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Farah Alameddine

Makeup Artist

Farah Alameddine is a self-taught makeup artist who has honed the art of makeup to perfection. Throughout her life Farah has shown passion towards makeup which drove her into developing her skills through countless hours of hard work. Farah has handled multiple projects for different types of events. Her passion drives her will towards presenting all her customers with the best possible product. Farah Alameddine is a graduate of Texas State University majoring in Nutrition and Food, she chose this major because she believes that beauty starts from the inside.


Jamie Brymer


For almost a decade, Jamie has been delighting and lighting up customer's faces with her cosmetology skills. Drawing inspiration from art and music, Jamie explains her method, "I love the different ways you can communicate so many different emotions through a painting or a song. I try to bring those same feelings into my work as a hair stylist!" There are so many different things a haircut or a color can tell someone about who you are as a person or who you want to be - Jamie looks at each client as a blank canvas and takes great pride in creating for them a unique look that expresses what they're feeling on the inside. She follows new trends, but has the talent to make them unique and bring each client's personal style into focus.


Jennifer Walton


Jennifer has been WOWing clients for over a decade with her talent, technique, and attention to detail. She's a graduate of Baldwin Beauty School in Austin, TX, and also held the role of Senior Designer at Ulta for nearly 5 years. Jennifer has a close connection with her clients understanding each client is one-of-a-kind with a unique style and lifestyle. "I absolutely love what I do."


Ashtyn Simank

Nail Tech

I love sticking out, from my hair and make up, to my nails and toes. I would describe my own style as bold and ever changing. One day I can dress one way and the next a totally different style. I get my inspiration alot from social media and the ever changing trends. My whole life I have loved fashion because of how it allows me to express myself and stand out from the crowd. I work hard so I can give my clients whatever they desire for their nails. The crazier the better!

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Gretchen Robles




Amanda Vega


Born and raised in the small town of Taylor. Amanda moved away and came back to where her roots had been. She has been doing hair for a decade in a half. And has been her passion since a little girl. Although she loves everything about hair, her specialties are curly hair, short cuts, and decolorizing. Amanda goes over and beyond and doesn’t stop until she and her clients are pleased with their hair services. She was nominated in 2008 for best hairstylist in Williamson County and educated for pHormulate Hair Care under well known hair designers of Farouk Systems. When Amanda is not at the salon she loves being outdoors and spending time with her kids and husband.

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Tobitha Kruse

Formal Stylist and Makeup Expert

A Texas native, I grew up in the Dallas area. I moved to Taylor, TX in 2008 after I met my now husband of 10 years. I first received a certification in Basic Psychology in 2004. Because I have had a passion for health and beauty all my life, I received a certification in Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Bridal Makeup, and Hot Tools Styling from CMC School in Dallas, TX and later received my certification in Microblading from Texas Laser and Aesthetics, followed by my certification for health coaching and weight loss from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I started doing weddings in 2013 and have had the pleasure of servicing hundreds of brides in that time frame. I cannot get enough brides or weddings. I just absolutely love them, absolutely love, LOVE.

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Roger McCoy